Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Joule Thief

Make You Joule Thief. It’s working with single
AA or AAA battery cell it working

මෙම පරිපථය තනි 1.5v විදුලි ‍‍කොෂයයක්න ආලෝක විමොචන දියෝඩ දැල්විය හැකි පරිපථයකි ඇත්තටම මූ ජුල හොරෙක් තමයි. සාර්ථකව අත්හදා බලා ඡායාරුපද අමුනා ඇත...!!!
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faridah said...

Wow it's great ,dont forget to visit MY BLOG

dona said...

pls let me know the specifications of ferrite torroid (how this make)

Dilnuwan දිල්නුවන්ගේ බ්ලොග් ලොව said...

well i got from old computer power supply. i think no need 2 worry about specifications. i tested with so many ferrite & toroid rings it working fine. but i recommend to use old computer power supply ferrite ring.


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