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Alcatel-Lucent omniswitch OS6850 password recovery

Alcatel-Lucent omniswitch OS6850 password recovery

How to recovery password from U boot on 6850 switch

You need to be connected by console to the switch!

Wait for the message Hit any key to

stop autoboot: 0 and hit any key.

Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0

=> fatls ide :1,0

=> fatls ide :1,0 /network

=> fatdelete ide :1,0 /network/usertable5 OR usertable4

Now powercycle the switch or type "run miniboot" on the U-Boot; => Reboot or =>boot

Now switch will be factory default "admin/switch". Please note that you need to recreate all users needed for NMS or logins.

Cisco switch වල පාස්වරඩ් කඩන විදිය ගොඩක් වෙලාවට හොය ගන්න පුලුවන් එත්
Alcatel-Lucent omniswitch OS6850 මම දැකලා තිබ්බේ නැ එකයි මමම මෙක දාන්න හිතුවේ මෙකද මම ඇල්කාටෙල් ගැන ඉගෙන ගෙන තියනවා
අනික මම ගොඩක් ලෙසි කරල තියනවා බලන්න කවදා හරි Alcatel-Lucent omniswitch OS6850 වර්ගයේ ලැබුනොත් කරන්නේ මෙහෙමයි...!!

හැබැට Alcatel-Lucen ලාගේ Network Switches දැකලා නැති අය මෙතනින් ඔබන්න

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QOS for Alcatel-lucent switches

How to create and implement QOS for Blocking TCP 137-139, TCP445 and UDP 137-139

(Its help for blocking file sharing for different subnet)


Use the Policy Service Command for this

1. Create a Policy Service for every UDP/TCP Port you want to block.

policy service service_name

[protocol protocol]

[source ip port port[-port]]

[destination ip port port[-port]]

[source tcp port port[-port]]

[destination tcp port port[-port]]

[source udp port port[-port]]

[destination udp port port[-port]]

2. Map these Policy Services to a Policy Service Group

policy service group service_group service_name1 [service_name2...]

3. Map this Policy Service Group to a Policy Condition.

policy condition condition_name [service group service_group]

4. Create a 2 Nos Policy Action One for Accept and other for Deny…

policy action action_name [disposition {accept | drop | deny}]

5. Map the above to a Policy rule……

policy rule rule_name [enable] [precedence precedence] [condition condition] [action action] no validity period]

6. Apply the Policy created……

qos apply


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